• 5 Ways to Increase Safety with School Security Cameras and AI Technology

5 Ways to Increase Safety with School Security Cameras and AI Technology

School security measures have advanced far beyond simple metal detectors and CCTV cameras. Monarch offers an array of AI-designed solutions that work together seamlessly to secure every part of the campus.

In the past two decades, we have seen technology revolutionize many different sectors. From the way we communicate to the way we secure our property, progressive technology has allowed businesses to thrive and evolve in astounding ways.

The education sector in particular has come a long way thanks to progressive technology in schools. The mid-90’s saw the mass introduction of computer labs and internet access, opening the door to expanded learning and computer literacy among students. This early access to computers would allow an entire generation to become technologically savvy adults entering the workforce with unbounded potential.

Not far behind the dawn of computers in schools came security camera systems. A report done by NCES in 2005 shows that from 1999-2000, 14% of primary schools, 20% of middle schools, and 39% of high schools used one or more security cameras to monitor the school.

As our society made leaps and bounds in advancing technology, this security trend would rise. With easier-to-install surveillance systems and updated hardware with improved high quality imaging, school safety became synonymous with the implementation of a reliable school security camera system.

But technology has proved itself to be quite volatile. The speed of innovation requires frequent upgrades to devices and software or they will be rendered useless. So it is especially important for schools who were among the first to implement video surveillance to stay vigilant in keeping their systems entirely up to date.

Another aspect that has dramatically changed video security is the introduction of AI and machine learning. This partnership has given “digital eyes a brain to match” which sounds quite ominous but has proven to do remarkable things in physical security, especially in education.

School campuses at every grade level require a certain level of security protocol to keep students, faculty, and visitors safe. There are many different actions school districts can take to accomplish this, but the most robust and effectual security systems use a varying combination of resources.

Monarch provides a multi-faceted security system that targets especially vulnerable parts of the campus in order to monitor and secure the health and safety of students, faculty, and visitors. The health of the buildings themselves are also taken into consideration with one of these solutions.


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Read on to learn about the five ways Monarch can help schools improve safety and security around the entire campus with five different managed systems.


A good place to start with security implementation is the installation of security cameras. As I’ve explored in past blog articles, there are various types of cameras and recording systems on the market. School administrators have a lot of factors to consider when deciding what system is the best fit: size of campus, areas of concern, number of students, current infrastructure, and much more. IP cameras and CCTV (analog) cameras are both widely used, but we’re seeing IP cameras becoming more commonplace as the reliance on network security becomes more popular. Monarch offers IP cameras in both dome and bullet cameras, with models for indoor, outdoor, and fisheye purposes. But Monarch’s Verkada security cameras don’t just record and store video footage. Other features include:

  • Ability to easily access archived or live feed videos on any device or browser

  • Instant alerts sent to appropriate personnel in any meaningful event

  • Live feed link sharing via SMS; send to first responders in case of an emergency for dramatically reduced response time

  • Solid-state storage (SSD) – no DVRs or NVRs

  • AI-designed capabilities allow for face, clothing, and vehicle filters and search

  • License Plate Recognition for enhanced parking lot security

  • Analytical insights and trends are easily accessed from the dashboard


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Monitoring door access and personnel comings and goings is another effective security measure that can help keep both private and public schools safe. More and more schools are opting for some type of door security, as school entrances are easily the most vulnerable points of the campus. Monarch offers Verkada access control, which includes a multi-format card reader and a door controller. These devices are useful in a myriad of ways:

  • Monitor real time activity with live feed of access based events

  • Integrated seamlessly with video cameras for visual support of access

  • Manage doors, users, and schedules across the entire organization

  • Add and remove users, set permissions, and edit credentials

  • Instantly lock down doors in case of an emergency, from any platform


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The air quality within school buildings is another aspect to consider when monitoring the health of students and faculty. Monarch offers Verkada Environmental Sensors, which can instantly detect changes in air quality and send automatic alerts to school administrators. These sensors work seamlessly with Verkada video cameras, providing associated video evidence in the event of an investigation. Air quality thresholds can be set to receive proactive alerts, so the event in question can be dealt with in real time. Environmental Sensors provide a solution to the pervasive problem of student vaping on campus along with various other air quality issues. Sensor readings can be set to include alerts for:

  • Air Quality Index

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • PM 2.5

  • TVOC

  • Noise

  • Motion

  • Vaping/Smoking




Looking beyond the building-based security protocols is also important when considering the health and safety of students. School administrators can now monitor school bus routes and driver safety with GPS Tracking and AI-designed Dash Cameras, which work together to keep students safe while en route to and from school.

Dash cameras use dual-facing lenses, AI technology, g-force accelerometer data, and smart audio alerts to target 4 main pain points for bus drivers:

  • Distracted driving: Audio alerts remind drivers to focus on the road if and when they become distracted

  • Tailgating: AI technology and computer vision detect and proactively coach drivers when they follow vehicles too closely

  • Rolling stops: Advanced computer vision detects when a vehicle doesn’t come to a complete stop

  • Harsh driving: Harsh braking, acceleration, turning, and collisions are automatically detected

School bus fleets are further optimized using GPS tracking, which has ample features to help keep buses running smoothly and safely:

  • Leveraging weather and traffic data to guide drivers accordingly

  • Monitoring fuel levels and idle times with insightful reporting

  • Diagnostic alerting with preventative reminders to avoid breakdowns

With real-time GPS fleet tracking and a helicopter view of the moving vehicles, you can track arrivals and delays down to the second. This is helpful in the event of a missing or delayed school bus, and keeps both school administrators and parents in the loop of any abnormalities on the school bus route, providing peace of mind for everyone.




The last security measure that can improve safety in the school environment focuses more on the health of the buildings than that of students and faculty. Monarch offers Asset Monitors, devices placed on different equipment around campus that monitors the machinery’s health and diagnostics. These monitors can report temperature and humidity logs in real-time and also include:

  • Real-time alerts for proactive maintenance

  • Wireless and waterproof hardware

  • Remote monitoring from any device

As you can see, progressive technology has moved security measures far past simple metal detectors and patrolmen on school campuses. Now the entire security infrastructure can be remotely accessed and managed from the cloud, with various components working together to protect every aspect of the campus, its students and its faculty.

Contact Monarch for a free quote and demo today and start protecting your campus with the most reliable cloud-based solutions on the market.


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