• 9 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Video Security in Manufacturing

9 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Video Security in Manufacturing

Imagine you are the CEO of one of the state’s biggest manufacturing firms, employing thousands of people across multiple locations. Or imagine that you are the branch manager of a mid-level paper company with a decent-sized downstairs operation and a dozen burly warehouse workers. Now imagine being the head honcho or foreman for either, who bears a serious responsibility to their employees’ health and safety. That’s a lot of weight to take on, especially if your facility is ill-equipped technologically to manage this.

The manufacturing sector in particular has a lot going on within its facilities: constantly moving products, dangerous equipment operations, managing scores of employees and monitoring their safety, and so much more. According to the United States Department of Labor, 5,250 private sector workers died on the job in 2018; on average, more than 100 deaths per week and 14 per day. The leading causes of these injuries and deaths are falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and “caught-in/betweens.” Daily safety risks like these leave the owner open to all kinds of legal turmoil, so the ability to accurately capture and store footage of pertinent events could end up saving the business, and possibly, lives.



Now imagine: A top-of-the line video security system for all of your facilities, with an easy “out of the box” set up, simple control capabilities from one app on your phone and desktop, and many more features that vastly improve security operations for the business. Incident footage from Tuesday January 6, 2020 at 2:46pm can be pulled up instantly with a simple search, and downloaded or shared via link with ease. That’s all any business owner wants out of a security system: reliability and absolute ease of use. But what Monarch provides is so much more.

With Monarch’s cloud-based AI video security system, businesses can scale their operations with ease and peace of mind, combining video security and access control into one sleek package. A lot of other security systems stop at recording and retention, forcing a need for added costs of further solution implementation to be able to discern data and analytics from security footage. But Monarch’s unobtrusive, cutting-edge security video systems not only capture and retain footage within the camera itself for up to 365 days, but also leverage powerful processing to deliver automatic updates, AI analytics, and real time insights across the entire organization.


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The benefits are endless, but here are 9 solid reasons why manufacturers in particular choose Monarch for their security system measures:

  1. Dependable, Always Running – Monarch’s security cameras all include continuous recording and built-in video retention for up to 365 days. This allows your facility to be constantly monitored without worrying about gaps in recording histories in case something happens.

  2. Access Footage From Anywhere – Every camera in the facility can be instantly accessed remotely, from your desktop, your phone or your iPad, using our app for iOS and Android. Gone are the days when footage could only be viewed from one specific computer in some dark, dreary basement security room.

  3. Cloud-Based Access Control – The access control that accompanies this security system will vastly improve your entire manufacturing operation. This solution is designed to bring “out of the box ready” simplicity to managing facility doors, users, and credentials across the entire organization. One platform to rule them all.

  4. Bandwidth-Friendly Connectivity – Monarch cameras only require data in the range of 5-20 kb/s so the video recording will not impact your network in any way, keeping operations smooth as can be.

  5. Reduce Liability and Wrongful Claims – Reported work accidents, break-ins and other notable events are recorded, and can be found, reviewed and exported easily, providing reliable evidence to protect your business. Monarch’s AI also picks up on pre-determined motions, faces, and abnormal activity, so notifications are instantly sent if a certain “persona non grata” is recorded, or a door is opened past hours, etc.

  6. No Hidden Costs – Monarch’s camera tech is simple: just one PoE. No DVRs, NVRs, or thick clients that will increase your installation costs. These systems are plug-and-play, ready to go out of the box.

  7. Automatic Updates – Ensuring your cameras have the latest features and security patches, Monarch updates its firmware automatically and regularly, providing safer and more reliable security for the entire facility and your employees. You literally don’t have to do anything to ensure that your system is always up to date.

  8. Monitor Equipment and Shipments – Monarch’s security systems are easy to scale, allowing countless cameras per organization. With this capability, the protection of your goods, equipment, employees, and facility is exponentially increased, and it’s easy as pie to monitor footage from every single camera from one app on your phone or desktop.

  9. Share Feeds Instantly – Preparing for the worst is always a smart mindset when it comes to owning and operating large scale facilities and manufacturing plants. In the event of an emergency, Monarch’s automatic notifications and alerts give you the headtime to get in touch with the proper personnel quickly and easily with links of live footage, shareable via SMS or email.

Security for large-scale manufacturing facilities can be overwhelming to think about, but here at Monarch we are dedicated to taking the complexity out of the equation. With so many capabilities and such a simple user interface, Monarch’s cloud-based video security systems are a supremely beneficial addition to any manufacturer’s operational arsenal.


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