• Securing Your Property With An Access Control Card Reader
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Securing Your Property With An Access Control Card Reader

Server room protected by access control card reader

As commercial buildings have become increasingly complex, the need for comprehensive security systems with access control card readers has grown. An access control system helps to ensure the safety of people and property by restricting entry to authorized personnel only. A well-designed access control system will take into account the specific security needs of the building and its people. In this article, we will discuss the basics and benefits of an access control card reader as well as other access control technologies one can employ to secure their building.

What is Access Control?

Verkada Access Control family for security

Access control is a type of security measure that entails controlling who has access to the building and when. There are different types of access control, including electronic, mechanical, and biometric.

Electronic access control uses electronic devices to allow or deny entry into a building. This includes access control card readers, keypads, and fingerprint scanners. Mechanical access control uses physical devices to allow or deny entry into a building. This includes locks, keys, and turnstiles. Biometric access control uses biological characteristics to allow or deny entry into a building. This includes retinal scans and fingerprint scanners.

Having established the types of access control, we turn to one of the most popular security measures: access control card readers.

What are the Benefits of an Access Control Card Reader?

Access control card reader ideal for different types of facilitites

It’s more important than ever to have tight security for commercial buildings that have people constantly coming in and out. One way to achieve this is by using an access control card reader. Here are some of the benefits of using an access control card reader for your building: 

  • Keep Unauthorized Personnel Out: An access control card reader provides an extra level of security beyond a traditional key and lock system. This is because an access control card reader can be programmed to allow only certain people access to certain areas at certain times. Thus, an access control card reader helps to prevent unauthorized entry and keeps your building and the people within it safe.
  • Gain Access with Ease: An access control card reader is convenient and easy to use. Simply swipe or tap your card or mobile ID to gain entry – no fumbling with keys or remembering complex codes.
  • Secure Your Environment: An access control card reader can be used in conjunction with other security measures, such as security cameras, to create a comprehensive security system that will protect your building against all kinds of threats including theft and vandalism.
  • Control Access Efficiently: Controlling access is made easy with an access control card reader. Simply access the platform where you manage access credentials and adjust the settings as needed.

There are many benefits to securing your building with access control card readers. However, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right one for your organization. That’s why Monarch is here to help. We offer advanced, cloud-based products by Verkada for your security system.

Verkada Security Systems with Access Control Card Readers

Verkada device family, including access control card reader, used for building safety

Verkada devices stand out from the rest because they provide an advanced AI-driven security environment. Consider the following features that make cloud-based devices of Verkada include:

  • Solid-state Storage (SSD): No NVR, DVR, or server is required. This means you pay for what you use – and that’s all. This reduces any extra overhead operations and the associated expense
  • Regular, Automatic Software Updates: No need to worry about if your devices are working properly or are up-to-date with our Verkada devices.
  • Simple Plug-and-Play Install: Just a standard Ethernet cable is required for the cameras to be brought online and fully operational within minutes
  • Unlimited Storage on Camera and Cloud: Reduce your organizations’ liability risk with unlimited cloud archiving offered by Verkada cameras
  • Unlimited Users Allowed: You can easily authorize admins access to an unlimited number of users.
  • AI-Based Video Analytics: Face detection, person of interest detection, and license plate detection are all available.
  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime: Access archived or live feed videos on any device or browser
  • Live Alerts: Receive instant alerts in any meaningful event
  • Shareable Live Feeds: Share your live feed via SMS. This is useful as you can send it to first responders in case of an emergency for dramatically reduced response time.
  • Infinitely Scalable: No matter how large the facility is, we can help you keep everyone on the same page.
  • 10-Year Warranty: Rest assured that your money is well protected
Verkada Access Control

The Benefits of Verkada Access Control

Access control allows businesses and schools to determine who can enter and access certain areas of the facility. Moreover, access control technologies, like access control card readers, also keep unauthorized personnel away thereby keeping your organization safe. Lastly, access control technologies enable employees to move around quickly to maximize efficiency via advanced door readers with keycards.

There are many ways to control access to a business or organization. Monarch can help you determine which access control technologies you’d like to employ.

Access Control: Verkada’s AC41 Door Controller
Door Controller keeps intruders out alongside access control card reader

With Verkada’s AC41 Door Controller, clients may bring plug-and-play ease to managing doors and access throughout their facility. In other words, as soon as you install the AC41 Door Controller, it is ready to use within minutes. Our Access Controller can easily integrate with any existing door hardware and readers.

With our Command platform, you can easily manage your doors once they are connected to the network. On the Command platform, you can effortlessly manage building access, scheduling, and users. This makes it easy for individuals to gain access simply by using the access control card reader. You also save time adding users on the platform since employees are seamlessly configured, onboarded, and offboarded. This is because of the integration with active directory platforms.

Additionally, you can easily connect your door controller with your cameras using Verkada Command to provide real-time video analytics on access-related events. Thus, you are able to not only view what is happening at your organizations’ points of entry, but also take proactive action for any significant occurrences. The door controller, then, is an essential access control technology.

Access Control Card Reader: Verkada’s AD32 Door Reader
The two types of the access control card reader

The AD32 Door Reader supports low and high frequency card formats as well as mobile devices that have the Verkada Pass app. Furthermore, the AD32 Door Reader comes in two different options: the Mullion Mount Plate and the Single Gang Mount Plate. Both options allow for customized installs.

The Single Gang Mount Plate is a common card reader format that can replace existing reader mounts or be used on traditional installations. The thinner Mullion form factor has a sleek design and can be used in smaller spaces such as door frames.

Given its sleek design, easy installation process, and effectiveness, the Verkada access control card reader is a great option for those looking to secure their buildings.

Verkada Access Control

Access Control: Verkada’s Wireless Locks

Verkada Door Lock for building safety

A card reader door lock is a lock and access control system all in one. It has a device for reading credentials, a handle, and a lock cylinder on the outside of the door. This type of door lock utilizes an electronic locking system instead of traditional keys to grant entry to people who have the necessary credentials.

Essentially, Verkada’s door lock works by using the electronic card reader to verify the identity of the person trying to enter the premises. If the person’s identity is verified, the door will unlock and allow them to enter. If the person’s identity cannot be verified, the door will remain locked and they will not be able to enter. Overall, a card reader door lock is designed to regulate access to buildings through the simple use of credential authentication.

Access Control for Organizations: Key Features

With Verkada devices, security is made easy! Consider the following key features of Verkada’s access control card reader and other technologies:

  • Seamless Video Integration and Analytics
  • Infinite Scalability
  • Cloud-Based Software and Management
  • Integrate the Access Controller with Any Existing Cards and Readers
  • 10-year Warranty on Hardware
  • Verkada’s Pass App: Touchless Access Capability with Bluetooth

The Uses of Access Control Card Readers and Access Technologies

Manage access to rooms in office building

You can feel secure knowing staff, clients, and/or students are safe with Verkada’s access control technologies. Consider the following benefits of implementing access control at your organization:

Insight on Building Access Activity
  • Our access control technologies handle visitor credentials and ensures that visitors like maintenance only have access to specific areas.
  • Access control technologies allow the admin to control who can enter and access certain areas of the facility.
Intrusion Detection
  • Access control card reader door locks deter potential crime by allowing only those with authorized credentials to unlock the door, especially at night and on weekends when the school is closed.
  • Access control technologies are also crucial for identifying intrusions when they do happen. You can filter for door events like tailgating, holding the door open, forcing the door open, and people of interest.
Asset Protection
  • Safeguard important equipment with access control technologies. Only authorized individuals will be able to gain entry into these areas by using access controlled door locks. Prevent vandalism and theft with this measure.
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Access Control Card Reader: Verkada Aligns with School Regulations

school regulations kept with access control technologies

You can rest assured that Verkada’s campus access control can be used with ease. Verkada meet the following guidelines for door locks in schools:

  1. without opening the door to set the lock, a teacher should be able to control the classroom door lock from the inside;
  2. emergency responders must be able to enter a classroom or office without having to obtain a credential for the school door lock systems
  3. the school door locks should be easy to use and accessible to everyone, including students with disabilities;
  4. door locks must adhere to all building and fire codes in order to comply with school safety regulations.

Verkada’s access control devices meet the above requirements while still providing a safe, secure environment for students, staff, and faculty.

Access Control: Managing Access Credentials

Manage access control card reader on Verkada Command

So, how do Verkada access control technologies work? You can manage access control on the Verkada Command platform which is where you can monitor all of your devices. There are many different features that you may use to secure access control across the facility. 

First, you can specify the user groups or access levels of the facility on Verkada Command. Then, you can design badge templates for each user group or access level. Next, you can print the badges and issue credentials either in bulk or individually. Finally, you can maintain the users and permissions up to date in real time.

What else can be done on Verkada Command to manage access control? Consider the following features:

  • Synchronize Profiles: Synchronize users from SSO systems such as Okta and Azure Active Directory, and natively capture access levels and groups.
  • Provisioning with a Single Click: With a single click, employees or students can be issued bluetooth credentials or a physical ID card.
  • Log of Badge Events: On Verkada Command, access a log of badge events to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to secure areas.
  • Secure De-provisioning: Instantly and automatically deprovision users from all systems and access points.
  • Unlock Doors from Anywhere, Anytime: Users can remotely unlock authorized doors using either the Verkada Pass and Command Mobile apps
  • One-Tap Instant Lockdown: Create custom Lockdown scenarios that can be activated with a single tap to immediately secure buildings in the event of an emergency.

Why Choose Verkada for Access Control Technologies?

Door Controller for access control
(1) Easy Install and Use

Verkada offers an integrated security platform that can protect your business or school from different forms of threats. Our devices are easy to install, use, and maintain. All of our products have a plug-and-play design meaning that our devices are online within minutes of installation without any configurations on your part. Moreover, you can easily access any security device of your organization from any browser or device of yours. Lastly, our products are designed to have automatic security and software updates in order to reduce maintenance overhead.

(2) Guaranteed Scalability

The security systems offered by Verkada do not depend on servers or networks. Thus, we are able to guarantee centralized device management. In other words, you can manage all of your devices on one single cloud-managed platform. This is useful if you often find yourself occupied with your business and don’t want to keep track of too many devices. Moreover, our security systems have unlimited cloud archiving, making it simple to store and organize critical footage.

(3) Secure from the Beginning

All devices from Verkada are secure by default. Our security systems have end-to-end encryption. In other words, only authorized, inbound connections are accepted and able to access data. Moreover, our security systems offer role-based access. This means administrations are able to configure the levels of user permissions. Lastly, you can view the usage of systems to ensure compliance and internal control with the audit logs that our systems offer.

At Monarch, we’re here to help you build a security system with access control technologies that works for you and your organization.

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