• school safety solutions

school safety solutions

Dome Vs Bullet Camera Explained

Courtney Durler Courtney Durler 6 min read

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Dome and bullet cameras perform differently, but are both advantageous to an effective security system. As technology advances, so do the…

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Leveling Up Security with License Plate Recognition

Courtney Durler Courtney Durler 5 min read

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Enhanced vehicle insights with AI-powered License Plate Recognition add another layer of security to the entire property.

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School Safety Solutions For Secure Learning

Jon Jones Jon Jones 20 min read
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School safety solutions that work. Monarch provides the latest and most effective solutions to keep your school safe.

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4 Ways School District Safety is Increased with “Connected Schools”

Courtney Durler Courtney Durler 7 min read
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Monarch defines a connected school as a learning institution that is connected to the cloud.

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Why Do K-12 Districts Need Cloud-Based School Security Solutions?

Courtney Durler Courtney Durler 5 min read
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K-12 districts need cloud-based school security to increase protection of students and safeguard all entry points to campus.

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