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Vape Detectors

Dome Vs Bullet Camera Explained

Courtney Durler Courtney Durler 6 min read

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The biggest differences between dome vs bullet cameras are the shape, field of view, and location of installation.

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Video Analytics License Plate Recognition

Courtney Durler Courtney Durler 5 min read

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Video Analytics License Plate Recognition uses a telephoto lens and AI design to capture footage and insights that help secure your business.

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Vape Detectors

Jon Jones Jon Jones 9 min read
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As the prevalence of vapes continues to grow each year, more and more institutions are implementing vape detectors. Vaping may compromise the health of students, employees, and even innocent bystanders. Moreover, it may discredit institutions who allow or do not control vaping. Thus, many businesses in different industries are adopting vape detectors. But why stop…

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