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Optimize Operations with Cloud Connected Cameras

Connect business operations with cloud-based cameras for complete visibility into the entire organization

Samsara Remote Viewing Security Cameras with Connected Sites

Using Samsara cloud connected cameras OR existing IP camera infrastructure, Samsara Site Gateway allows for complete site visibility, remote viewing, and advanced AI analytics to improve safety and operational efficiency. 

Samsara or Existing IP Cameras

(plugs into network switch)

Samsara Site Gateway

(on-premise, plugs into switch)

Network PoE Switch

Samsara Web Dashboard

+ Mobile App

(cloud-based VMS)


Samsara SC11 Dome IP Site Camera 
The Samsara SC11 Dome Camera provides high definition image quality and provides powerful insights with its AI capabilities. Combined with the Samsara Site Gateway, this cloud-based security camera system allows for easy installation and on-the-go visibility.

Do you already have existing surveillance camera infrastructure, but are interested in AI capabilities and advanced remote viewing? 

Samsara Site Gateway plugs directly into your network switch and identifies existing IP cameras, grouping camera feeds together for remote viewing and adding a layer of AI technology to your entire security system. Compatible with every major IP security camera on the market, the deployment options are flexible and easy to install. 



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