Classroom Lecture

A Connected Schools Is A Safer School

Access Control
Environmental Sensors
Cloud Connected Security Cameras
GPS Tracking for School Buses
Video Surveillance Inside/Outside Buses
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Cloud Connected Schools

The Vision of Connected Schools in the future

Water & Power

One day in the near future schools will monitor how much power they consume. They will also monitor how much water they consume all from a web based dashboard that is in the cloud. They will also be able to use cutting edge analytics and data to watch for trends and improve efficiencies.

School Buses

Schools across the country are moving towards school bus tracking and dash cameras. Nowadays it just makes senses that parents should know where there children are while coming home from school in real time. With a connected school's platform we help bring school buses into a cloud based dashboard for safety, security, and peace of mind.

Video Surveillance

Connected Schools bring AI & Machine learning plus it also allows for schools to utilize this cutting edge technology from local on site to state of the art cloud based dashboard allowing easy remote access too. Connected Schools allows for Technology Directors to connect their school to the cloud for quicker responses from emergency services.

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