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How Can A Hotel Tell If You Smoke

Hotel room where smoking is not allowed

Introduction: How Can A Hotel Tell if You Smoke?

Nowadays, hotels are cracking down on people who smoke in their rooms more and more. But how can a hotel tell if you smoke? Well, there are a number of signs that hotels look for when determining if a guest smoked in their hotel room. Of course, there are methods individuals use to hide the fact they smoked. In order to deal with this, hotels are turning to advanced technological practices to detect signs of smoking.

In this article, we’ll discuss tell-tale signs that hotels look out for. Then, we’ll touch upon the methods people use to hide their smoking. Finally, we’ll review a way hotels can combat such methods.

How Can A Hotel Tell if You Smoke: Signs

So, how can a hotel tell if you smoke? Well, there are a number of signs that indicate guests have smoked in the room. Consider the following:

The Smell

Cigarette smoke and marijuana both leave a distinct odor on surfaces where the smoke has circulated. After all, smoke lingers on pillows, curtains, suitcases, and other items. It can even seep into the walls and carpet. This is true even after the smoker has left the room so airing out the room doesn’t really seem to help. It doesn’t take a thick cloud of smoke for the odor to linger in a room. Additionally, hotels may be suspicious of individuals who leave smelling like smoke since the odor lingers on clothing and hair.

The Evidence

Furthermore, hotels can tell if you smoked because of obvious indicators you may leave behind. For example, if you leave an ashtray or cigarette out, then it will be clear that you smoked in the room. Even if you attempt to hide the evidence, there are ways hotels can check if you smoked. For example, housekeepers may notice the evidence in the trashcan when they are cleaning the room.

cigarette smoke damages hotel rooms
The Damage

Another way hotels can tell if you smoked if by the damage. Nicotine from cigarettes stain surfaces yellow and brown. These stains will be especially visible on light-colored surfaces like walls, ceilings, counters, and floors. Housekeepers may also even notice the stains on the carpets or bedding. In addition, burn marks are another sign that hotel managers look out for.

How Can A Hotel Tell if You Smoke: Failing Methods to Hide Smoke

Many smokers know of the signs that hotels look for when determining if a guest smoked. Thus, they look for clever ways to hide their smoking. Such methods include smoking in the bathroom with the fan on; smoking out the window; and smoking into a damp piece of cloth. Although this may have worked for a while, hotels are now catching on. This is because many hotels are turning to advanced technology so they can identify guests who have smoked inside.

Detecting Smoke: Environmental Sensors

Hotel hallway where smoking is not allowed

Given the methods people use to hide the fact they smoked, hotels are beginning to install environmental sensors that detect smoke. Even if people use tricks to hide their smoke, they can not fool sensors that are designed to discern such substances. However, the market is now being flooded with cheaply-made sensors that lack the technology to capture most instances of smoking. Consider the following aspects that environmental sensors should have.

Key Features of Vape and Cigarette Smoke Detectors

no smoking allowed in hotel

When selecting environmental sensors for a hotel, look for the following qualities to enhance detection and monitoring capabilities while minimizing ownership costs:

  • Multiple Built-In Sensors: Look for devices that have multiple sensors onboard as this is the most cost-effective option. The most advanced environmental sensors are capable of detecting smoke, vapor, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) all in one piece of hardware. They are often referred to as “smart sensors.”
  • Cloud-Based Platform Integration: Look for a sensor that can be directly integrated into your existing security architecture and remote management system. This helps security teams respond to smoking incidents quickly.
  • Tamper-Proof: Look for sensors that detect tampering and deliver discreet alerts to the appropriate incident response team. This prevents replacement costs and other costs associated with unit loss.
  • Notifications and User Preferences: Look for sensors that can be maintained and configured remotely rather than those that require time-consuming, on-device configuration for notifications and alerts. User settings should be fully adjustable, including the ability to remotely manage the groups and users responsible for receiving and responding to alerts issued via the mobile app, SMS, email, and other methods.
  • Standards For Privacy: Because smoke and vape sensors are frequently installed in toilets, break rooms, and other private or semi-private places, each device should be built to respect and maintain privacy. That essentially implies no audio or video recording in sensitive areas.

The SV11 Environmental Sensors has all of the above qualities and more. Read more about Verkada’s cigarette smoke detector, the SV11 Environmental Sensor, below.

How Can A Hotel Tell If You Smoke: The SV11 Environmental Sensor

The SV11 is how a hotel can tell if you smoke

The SV11 environmental sensor is exceptional in that it monitors total volatile organic compounds (TVOCS), the air quality index (AQI), particle matter 2.5 (PM 2.5), temperature and relative humidity, noise levels, and mobility in addition to detecting vape and smoking. In essence, the SV11 environmental sensor enables hotel managers to obtain more information about the hotel environment. Thus, instead of being limited to detecting cigarette smoke, the SV11 can be used for a wide variety of other environmental monitoring tasks. Overall, the automated situational awareness provided by the SV11 is critical in improving safety and security in indoor public settings.

Explore The SV11
Design and Features

The SV11‘s ability to monitor a building’s environment is just one of its many distinctive features. It has an outer layer of photochemically etched stainless steel, which is followed by a variety of sensors that measure and report data. Using onboard sensors, Verkada’s SV11 monitors changes in the breakdown of chemicals in the atmosphere. These sensor readings are used to calculate the Vape Index, which ranks the likelihood of vaping/smoking on a scale of 1-100.

Furthermore, the SV11 boasts a plethora of features that make it one of the most popular vape and cigarette smoke detectors to a broad range of industries. Consider the following distinguishing features:

  • One Cloud-Based Software Platform: Access all sensor data from the Command platform and compare it to a timeline to get a complete picture of when these occurrences occurred. Individuals can also connect any sensor to a Verkada camera, correlating video with sensor-based data. Overall, this offers a layer of visual evidence to help people grasp what happened.
  • Easy Visualization of Data: Easily view and understand environmental data thanks to color-coded sensor readings and data representations.
  • Customizable Thresholds: Set custom alert thresholds to receive real-time messages via SMS and email.
  • Sensor-Based Alerts: Receive an alert whenever an anomaly is discovered. Alerts are issued through SMS or email to pre-selected individuals and security so that they may respond quickly.
  • Alert Configuration: Use custom alerts to reduce needless messages over the weekend and after work. Verkada’s technology allows each user to specify the hours and days of the week that they’d like to receive alerts.
The Benefits of The SV11 Environmental Sensor
environmental sensor sv11 is a device hotels use to tell if you smoke

Environmental sensors in individual hotel rooms enable hotel managers to detect smoke and vapor without invading guest privacy. This can help make sure that the cleaning and disinfecting fees are paid and limit the revenue lost due to cleaning and disinfecting services. Thus, smoke detectors like Verkada’s SV11 are a crucial tool for ensuring safety and compliance in hotels. Consider some other benefits of utilizing a Verkada smoker detector in hotels:

Detect Dangerous Environmental Conditions
  • Deter harmful behaviors like vaping and smoking
  • Monitor changes in temperature or humidity to reduce hotel building damage
  • Measure the air quality to ensure healthy air quality for employees and guests
  • Measure VOC emissions to prevent adverse health effects (e.g., from new coats of paint)
Remain Safe and Secure 
  • Monitor the environment to ensure measurements are in line with state laws and compliances.
  • Monitor noise levels that may indicate yelling is happening. This can help hotels monitor for violence, conflicts, or other issues.
  • Monitor the temperature to protect expensive equipment and products.
Maintain Privacy 
  • Monitor noise levels without recording audio. This ensures the privacy of hotel guests is not compromised.

Using the SV11 Environmental Sensor

The SV11 and Dome Camera for hotels to use

If you wish to have an all-in-one environmental sensor and not just a smoke detector, consider Verkada’s SV11 environmental sensor. For the best results, place the SV11 about 8 feet from the ground. Moreover, enable the Vape Index only in areas where vaping often occurs (e.g., bathrooms, hotel rooms). Otherwise, you may receive a false positive in areas where smoke is common (e.g., kitchens).

How A Hotel Can Tell If You Smoke: Choosing Verkada

All in all, nowadays hotels know if you smoke in a hotel room by using advanced smoke detectors like Verkada’s SV11. Consider the following advantages of choosing Verkada for your hotel room smoke detectors:

  • Regular, Automatic Software Updates: No need to worry about if your devices are working properly or are up-to-date with our Verkada devices.
  • Unlimited Users Allowed: You can easily authorize admins access to an unlimited number of users. So, if you want someone else in charge of security because you’re too busy running the business, they can easily access everything you do – at the same time!
  • Live Alerts: Receive instant alerts in any meaningful event
  • Infinitely Scalable: No matter how large your business is, we can help you keep everyone on the same page. 
  • 10-Year Warranty: Rest assured that your money is well protected

Shop with Verkada today to protect your hotel!

Explore The SV11 Updated: Oct 19

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