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Cloud-Based 24/7 Alarms

Leveraging Cloud-Based 24/7 Alarms to Manage Intrusion

Owning a business is challenging in so many ways. From navigating financial pitfalls to staying relevant enough to attract new customers, the uphill climb for business owners never ceases.  The aforementioned aspects need to run smoothly in order for the business to grow. But there is another area of operations that needs constant attention and maintenance and that is security. A cloud-based 24/7 alarm system can help you achieve the goal of security.

Neglecting proper security monitoring could mean big trouble for a business, especially if there is a physical location containing valuable assets. Without an effective security protocol in place, the entire business and all of its encompassing parts are put at a huge risk.

In one of my past blog articles, I explored the importance of installing a proper access control system to beef up physical security in the workplace. In this piece, I will discuss how cloud-based alarms can supplement an enterprise security system to add an extra layer of 24/7 protection for a business.


  • Creates a Safe Working Environment

The business owner is responsible for the health and well-being of their employees. In the event that something bad happens, an alarm system sounds and emergency personnel can respond immediately to address whatever is happening. Ensuring your employees are monitored and protected at all times promotes a safe work environment, which gives employees peace of mind and raises morale. They will be able to focus on their jobs without fearing for their safety, which is actually the least a business owner can do for their staff.

  • Protects Assets and Cash Flow

Aside from the lives of employees, the second most at-risk component of a business is assets.

This can include cash, technological equipment, office furniture and decor, and other valuable things. If someone breaks into a business and steals or vandalizes the company’s assets, the business owner loses money and time spent making money.

Time spent making money is now spent recouping what was lost. This can be detrimental to any business, especially young companies. When an alarm is triggered, thousands of potential dollars can be saved and business can continue as usual.

  • Gives Peace of Mind

With a proper alarm system in place, the business owner can focus on other aspects of the business and their life without worry. Knowing that the workplace is protected from inside and outside threats creates incredible peace of mind that translates to a happier, more productive life. With a professionally installed alarm system in place, the business owner can take long vacations and work remotely more often knowing that the workplace and employees are protected.

Advances in technology have allowed multiple functions of the modern workplace to be connected for more streamlined operations. This is made possible with a cloud-based work environment. Cloud services have immensely improved file sharing, project management, and especially security services.

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Verkada’s most recent product to hit the market is Verkada Alarms, cloud-managed intrusion detection, and 24/7 alarms and professional monitoring system. This security solution provides businesses the ability to detect and respond to threats across all facilities in real-time.

This alarm monitoring utilizes a business’ current analytics delivered by existing Verkada solutions: cloud-based AI video security, access control, and environmental sensors. All of these products work together to create a streamlined environment that allows businesses to focus on the day-to-day rather than security.

cloud-based 24/7 alarm system


An alarm system without backend response support is practically useless. Verkada Alarms comes equipped with 24/7 professional monitoring. When an event occurs and the alarm is triggered, the organization is connected to a professional security monitoring team who will review what happened and assist where needed.

This alarm monitoring service includes live video verification of alarm events. The monitoring company is provided with temporary access to camera streams that can be used to dismiss false alarms and also provide crucial context during emergencies.

This cuts down on the response time by removing the need to call in and verify what is happening in order to take the next action. By quickly reviewing video footage, the monitoring center can judge the right course of action to swiftly address the event.

Verkada Alarms also features emergency dispatch capabilities. When an alarm is disarmed and more context needed, security monitoring personnel will reach out via SMS and phone to an authorized list of contacts. If no one is available, they will dispatch local first responders immediately.

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Like all Verkada solutions, Verkada 24/7 Alarms can be accessed on the web-based platform called Command. Here is where all of the company’s physical security protocols are managed, creating a seamless experience for administrators. Events from any Verkada device and be easily configured to trigger an alarm. It’s also easy to customize who is notified when an alarm sounds.

Examples: A past disgruntled and dangerous employee enters the building by closely following someone else who has access through the front door. Verkada’s AI security cameras capture his face and immediately trigger an alarm. With quick verification from the professional security monitoring company, police are immediately dispatched and the subject is apprehended.

A gas leak breaks out in a remote room of a large manufacturing facility. This room is equipped with Verkada’s Environmental Sensor. When the sensor picks up a disturbance in the room’s air quality, an alarm sounds, and the professional security monitoring company contacts administrators to take further action.

All alarm events can be viewed directly from Command, and administrators have full visibility into the steps that were taken to properly assess and respond to the incident. This creates a “paper trail” that allows for internal accountability in case a security procedure was conducted incorrectly.

The Verkada Alarms control panel also allows for integration of up to 32 inputs. This feature supports wired devices like motion sensors, strobe lights, sirens, and other new or existing sensors that can be configured to trigger alarms.

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Verkada Alarms includes a wall-mounted tablet that allows for video recording through an integrated camera. So in addition to arming and disarming, this gives admins insight into who is taking action on the outside keypad. Admins can view events on a live feed, which also displays the status of devices on your site. The Console is also equipped with a panic button that can be utilized to immediately call for assistance

Administrators can create video calls from their Command platform directly to the Alarm Console. They do this by using a talk-down feature that can be used to address visitors, staff, or possible intruders.

Verkada 24/7 Alarms and Console can be leveraged in a multitude of ways to increase overall physical security for an organization. As with all Verkada products, this new system is backed by a 10-year warranty and is supported by automatic firmware updates. Organizations never have to worry about paying extra for updates or losing security on their data.

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Updated: Oct 19

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