• Police Panic Button

Police Panic Button

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In today’s day and age, the top priority for any facility is keeping staff, visitors, or students safe and secure. People may find that security planning involves a unique set of challenges. With many people entering and exiting throughout the day, it may seem difficult to implement a security system with a police panic button that provides physical security without interfering with the environment. But, Monarch is here to help people who strive to keep their environments safe.

Monarch recognizes that each facility has its own set of issues, goals, and limits. After all, each facility has a unique design, setting, population, and other site-specific issues that call for varied degrees of flexibility and complexity to meet their particular demands. At Monarch, we will collaborate with you to build, deploy, and maintain an integrated security system for your organization.

Modern Day Security Challenges 

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As schools and businesses grapple with today’s challenges, it is important to partner with experienced security professionals who can help assess risks and implement effective solutions. By staying ahead of the curve, schools and businesses can keep their students and staff safe from harm with advanced security systems. Consider some of the following security challenges that must be addressed with a comprehensive approach and a police panic button: 

  • Gun Violence: In the wake of recent gun violence in schools and other public settings, individuals must consider upgrading their security systems to include surveillance cameras, police panic buttons, alarms, sensors, and door controllers.
  • Theft & Vandalism: According to the National Education Association (NEA), a school is three times more likely to be broken into than a business. As for businesses, those that lack a comprehensive security system are 4.5x more likely to be targets of theft and burglary Thus, it’s important to deter and capture these crimes with surveillance cameras that are part of your security system. 
  • Unlawful Intrusions: Ensure safety and security in schools and businesses by implementing a security system that includes door controllers and readers to prevent intrusions. If intrusions do occur, a police panic button enables one to immediately call for help.

Police Panic Button

The first point – that of gun violence – is a sensitive topic that all staff must take into account. For this reason, police panic buttons have become increasingly common. After all, emergency situations that require a prompt response can occur at any time. Regardless of whether the emergency is because of an armed intruder, an assault, or a medical emergency, you should remain prepared to respond appropriately and quickly. With Verkada’s wireless police panic button, you can call for help immediately and discreetly.

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Description of the Police Panic Button
police panic button for police and schools

Verkada’s Wireless Police Panic Button is perfect for schools and businesses. The police panic button allows one to call for help immediately. The panic buttons should be readily available throughout the facility. Thus, you can either mount the wireless police panic buttons in easily accessible places, like on a wall or under a desk, or you can wear them on a lanyard or a belt. If you’d like a digital option, you can also access a police panic button on the Command or Alarms app.

The wireless police panic button is meant to be discrete – hence its design. Additionally, in order to retain its inconspicuous nature, the button is not audibly activated when pressed. Instead, the button’s LED light illuminates to show that the signal was sent and received successfully. However, users have the option to activate additional Verkada devices when they press the police panic button; this includes devices that can lock doors, turn on sirens, or turn on strobe lights.

Moreover, you can determine who will be alerted and whether or not emergency services will be called automatically when the police panic button is pressed. To help emergency responders gain an understanding of the situation, you can also pair up to 10 cameras to each panic button. Pairing cameras with the police panic button allows you to quickly access live and previous video.

Using the Police Panic Button
security monitoring featured offered by Verkada 24/7

In order to use the Wireless Panic Button, you’ll have to purchase an Alarms license that comes with round-the-clock professional monitoring. Additionally, you will need a BH61 Wireless Alarm Hub and Hub license. One single Wireless Alarm Hub can maintain up to 50 wireless sensors. These wireless sensors include panic buttons, motion, door contact, glass break, and water leak sensors. The Wireless Hub has a line-of-site range of up to 1000 feet. When pressed, a portable wireless police panic button will automatically pair with the closest Hub and send a signal.

Features of the Police Panic Button
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The police panic button by Verkada has a number of features that make it appealing for many organizations. Consider the following:

  • Visual Context: Through pairing the panic button with Verkada cameras, gain visual context of the situation.
  • Customizable to User’s Preference: Adjust the button’s triggers and responses (e.g., automatically call first responder)
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Integrated, round the clock, professional surveillance.
  • Durable: 10 year-warranty and 5-year battery life guaranteed.
  • Optional Emergency Responders Dispatch: With the click of a button, immediate police dispatch is available.
The Lock Down Feature
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By pairing Verkada’s Wireless Panic button with Access Control devices, you can quickly initiate lockdown scenarios and response protocols. Additionally, you can activate lockdowns with a single tap on Command web or mobile or the Verkada Pass app. Moreover Verkada’s powerful, integrated platform enables you to resolve emergency scenarios more quickly by running emergency roll call reports, sharing live video feeds, and remotely unlocking doors for emergency responders.

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How The Lockdown Function Operates: 
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  1. Set up your organization’s lockdown capabilities and scenarios. Any number of lockdown procedures can be created to ensure the safety of your school.
  2. Utilize Verkada’s integrated security platform to keep an eye on the school environment.
  3. From any device, activate lockdown scenarios with a single tap. Administrators have the ability to define which user groups can release and activate a lockdown scenario.
  4. Remain informed and handle situations safely.

Lockdown features are included free of charge with every Verkada Access Control door license.

Keep your school or business safe from intrusions and gun violence with the police panic button offered by Verkada. To learn more about other security measures for schools, click here.

Updated: Oct 20

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