CM32 Dual-Facing AI Dash Cam


Product Specifications


  • Enclosure: 108 x 41 x 61 mm (4.2 x 1.6 x 2.4 in)
  • Cable: 4 m (13 ft)

Field of View

  • 121° (semi-wide angle) front-facing camera


  •  High Definitino (1080p)

Frame Rate

  • 30 fps

Low Light

  • HDR to optimize for bright and low-light conditions

Built-in Speaker

  • Inward-facing audio speaker for optimal voice and tone-based feedback for driver


  • 40 hours of 1080p footage (can be extended by configuring video quality)


  • High-speed 4G LTE wireless connectivity via Samsara VG-series gateways


  • Data secured via SSL (256-bit, military-grade encryption)

Edge Processing

  • High capacity edge processor to enable concurrent neural networks for real-time artificial intelligence

Automatic Upload

  • Automatically uploads video footage of harsh breaking, acceleration, turning, and crashes

On-Demand Upload

  • Stores continuous recordings on-camera, available for over-the-air retrieval on-demand


  • Mounts to windshield via industrial-grade adhesive tape (included)


  • Connects to Samsara VG-series gateway via accessory port (power + data, no additional power source or wiring required)


  • Internal 1300mAh battery for fallback power when vehicle is off

Operating Temperature

  • -20 to 65º C

Software Features

  • HD video playback from any Internet-connected device
  • Safety incident reports
  • Driver safety rankings with scorecards
  • On-demand retrieval based on time or location
  • Configurable audio coaching plays spoken alerts during unsafe driving behavior (e.g. excessive speeding, unbuckled seatbelts, etc)


  • Height: 120 mm / 4.7 in
  • Width: 76 mm / 3 in
  • Depth: 21.5 mm / 0.85 in


  • Height: 120 mm / 4.7 in
  • Width: 76 mm / 3 in
  • Depth: 21.5 mm / 0.85 in


  • Height: 120 mm / 4.7 in
  • Width: 76 mm / 3 in
  • Depth: 21.5 mm / 0.85 in

STARTING AT $69.95 PER MONTH: 1, 3, 5 year license options

The CM33 Dual Facing Dash Cam provides live scene analysis and a built-in speaker for driver coaching, and automatically uploads HD footage to the cloud. The CM31 is built to reduce high-risk driving behaviors, lower safety-related costs, and provide deeper visibility into fleet operations.

  • High Definition video, outward and inward
  • AI camera powered by intelligent technology and computer vision
  • Fleet-wide visibility easily accessible from the cloud
  • Streamlines incident review and facilitates insurance claims
  • Built-in audio for voice-based safety coaching
  • Reduces distracted driving and promotes safety
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • License includes hardware, cloud software, ongoing firmware updates, cellular data connectivity, and support

All Samsara hardware has a warranty that lasts as long as a valid license for said hardware is maintained. For more information, click here.

Monitor your entire fleet from anywhere, in real-time, with Samsara Dual Facing AI Dash Camera.


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