• Ensuring Safety in Your Restaurant with the Right Security System
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Ensuring Safety in Your Restaurant with the Right Security System

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As a restaurant owner or manager, ensuring the safety and security of your customers and employees is likely a top priority. While there are many different approaches to restaurant security, one key component is having the right security system in place. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of restaurant security systems available and provide tips for choosing the best one for your needs.

Understanding the Different Types of Restaurant Security Systems

customers enjoying their meal as they are safe with restaurant security system

There are several different types of security systems that restaurants can use to protect their premises, employees, and customers. Some common types include:

  1. Surveillance Cameras: These are probably the most well-known type of restaurant security system. Surveillance cameras can be placed throughout the restaurant to monitor activity and provide a record of events in case of incidents.
  2. Alarm Systems/Professional Monitoring: Alarm systems can be used to detect break-ins or other unauthorized entry into the restaurant. They can be set to trigger an alert to the authorities or to the restaurant’s staff in case of an emergency.
  3. Access Control Systems: These systems allow restaurant owners to control who has access to certain areas of the restaurant. For example, you might use an access control system to restrict access to the kitchen or to certain parts of the restaurant during off-hours.
  4. Panic Buttons: Panic buttons allow employees to quickly alert authorities or other staff members in case of an emergency. These can be particularly useful for restaurants that operate late at night or in potentially dangerous areas.

Each type of security system has its own benefits and drawbacks, and the best one for your restaurant will depend on your specific needs and budget. It’s important to carefully consider all of your options and to consult with a security expert to find the best solution for your restaurant.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Security System

Employees working in kitchen of a restaurant with a security system

When it comes to choosing a restaurant security system, there are several key factors to consider. These include cost, layout of the restaurant, type of security needed, integration with other systems, and ease of use.


The cost of a restaurant security system can vary widely depending on the type of system, the number of cameras or sensors needed, and any additional features or services. It’s important to carefully consider your budget and to choose a system that fits within your financial constraints. However, you first want to consider all of your security needs without a budget in mind, so you don’t overly-restrict yourself.

If your security needs are greater than your available budget for security, then you could prioritize and implement the most important aspects of a security system first and then build the system out over time. Of course, this requires your security system to be easily scalable like those from Verkada.

Size and Layout of the Restaurant

The size and layout of your restaurant will play a role in determining the type and number of security cameras or sensors needed. A larger, more complex restaurant will likely require a more extensive security system, while a smaller, simpler layout may only need a few cameras and sensors.

Chefs have restaurant security system to protect assets
Type of Security Needed

Different types of security systems are designed to address specific needs. For example, surveillance cameras are good for monitoring activity and providing a record of events, while access control systems are useful for restricting access to certain areas. Determine what type of security you need and choose a system that meets those needs.

Integration with Other Systems

If you already have other security systems in place, such as a fire alarm or sprinkler system, it’s important to choose a security system that can easily integrate with these systems. This will help to ensure that all of your security systems work together seamlessly.

Ease of Use

Choose a security system that is easy to use and understand. This will make it easier for your staff to operate and maintain the system, and will help to ensure that it is used effectively.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a security system that meets your needs and provides the level of protection you require for your restaurant.

The Benefits of Having a Restaurant Security System

Verkada family for restaurant security system

There are many benefits to having a restaurant security system in place, including:

  1. Protecting Employees and Customers: A security system can help to protect your employees and customers from various types of harm, such as theft, assault, or accidents.
  2. Deterring Crime: The presence of a security system can act as a deterrent to crime, as it sends a message that your restaurant is being monitored and that criminal activity will not be tolerated.
  3. Providing Peace of Mind: Knowing that your restaurant is being monitored and protected can give you and your employees peace of mind and allow you to focus on running your business.
  4. Providing Evidence: If an incident does occur, a restaurant security system can provide valuable evidence that can be used to identify and prosecute the perpetrator. This can also help prevent future incidents from occurring.
  5. Protecting against Liability: In the event of an accident or incident, a restaurant security system can help to protect you against liability by providing evidence that you took reasonable steps to protect your employees and customers.

By investing in a restaurant security system, you can enjoy these and other benefits, helping to keep your restaurant safe and secure.

An Introduction to Verkada: Restaurants Security Systems

Here at Monarch, we will work with you to design a restaurant security system. Together, we will design, implement, and oversee a security infrastructure that places equal emphasis on safety and convenience.

Verkada offers a wide range of security products and services, including cameras, access control, intrusion sensors, and professional monitoring. All Verkada devices integrate with each other and are managed from a single cloud dashboard. Learn more about Verkada below:

Simple to Use
  • Solid-state Storage (SSD): No NVR, DVR, or server is required. This means you pay for what you use – and that’s all. This reduces any extra overhead operations and the associated expenses,
  • Regular, Automatic Software Updates: No need to worry about if your devices are working properly or are up-to-date with our Verkada devices.
  • Simple Plug-and-Play Install: Just a standard Ethernet cable is required for the cameras to be brought online and fully operational within minutes.
  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime: Access archived or live feed videos on any device or browser
  • Floor Plan: Quickly respond to incidents with real-time motion plotting. 
  • Unlimited Storage on Camera and Cloud: Reduce your organizations’ liability risk with unlimited cloud archiving offered by Verkada cameras.
  • Unlimited Users Allowed: You can easily authorize admins access to an unlimited number of users.
  • Infinitely Scalable: No matter how large the facility is, we can help you keep everyone on the same page. 
Limitlessly Smart
  • AI-Based Video Analytics: Face detection, person of interest detection, and license plate detection are all available.
  • Live Alerts: Receive instant alerts in any meaningful event
  • Shareable Live Feeds: Share your live feed via SMS. This is useful as you can send it to first responders in case of an emergency for dramatically reduced response time.
  • 10-Year Warranty: Rest assured that your money is well protected
  • Time lapse: Watch a day of footage in under 30 seconds with timelapses.

An Overview of Verkada’s Cloud-Based Cameras for Restaurants Security Systems

Verkada cameras for restaurant security system

Verkada offers technology that is secure and easy to use for users looking for cameras for their restaurant security system. The set-up is simple: once a device is installed, it is online and fully operational within just a few minutes.

Additionally, Verkada offers security cameras that are thoughtfully designed. The cameras have a durable design, firmware signing, and can detect tampering.

Verkada offers a variety of options to meet your restaurant security needs including: the Verkada Indoor Dome Series, the Verkada Outdoor Dome Series, the Verkada Bullet Series, the Verkada Mini Series, and Verkada Fisheye Series.

Verkada Indoor Dome Series
Verkada Dome Camera - restaurant security system

The Verkada Indoor Dome Camera is designed for indoor, high-traffic areas. It is the perfect general-purpose security camera for restaurant security systems. There are three models in the Indoor Dome Series: CD42, CD52, and C62.

Image Resolution5MP5MP4K
Type of LensFixed, with 3x Zoom DigitallyZoom, with 3x Optical and Digital ZoomZoom, with 3x Optical and Digital Zoom
Standard RetentionUp to 365 DaysUp to 365 DaysUp to 90 Days
Standard StorageUp to 2TBUp to 2TBUp to 2TB
IR Range 15m30m30m
The Verkada Outdoor Dome Series
Verkada Outdoor Dome Camera for restaurant security system

The Verkada Outdoor Dome Series is both weather- and tamper-resistant.  Its capabilities function well even in areas with limited bandwidth and connectivity. This camera is perfect for monitoring the parking lot and the exterior of restaurants (e.g., to capture key license plates). There are three models in the Outdoor Dome Series: CD42-E, CD52-E, and C62-E.

Image Resolution5MP5MP4K
Type of LensFixed, with 3x Zoom DigitallyZoom, with 3x Optical and Digital ZoomZoom, with 3x Optical and Digital Zoom
Standard RetentionUp to 365 DaysUp to 365 DaysUp to 90 Days
Standard StorageUp to 2TBUp to 2TBUp to 2TB
IR Range 15m30m30m
RatingIK10 & IP67IK10 & IP67IK10 & IP67
The Verkada Bullet Series
Verkada Bullet camera as part of restaurant security system

The Verkada Bullet Series is ideal for long range, outdoor surveillance. It is built to withstand harsh environments, making it an ideal addition to a restaurant security system. The Verkada Bullet camera is available in two lens types: wide angle and telephoto. There are four models in the Bullet Series: CB51-E, CB61-E, CB51-TE, CB61-TE.

TypeIndoor and/or OutdoorIndoor and/or OutdoorIndoor and/or OutdoorIndoor and/or Outdoor
Image Resolution 5MP5MP4K4K
Type of LensZoom, with up to 3x Optical and Digital zoomTelephoto Zoom, with 8-20mm focal lengthZoom, with up to 3x Optical and Digital zoomTelephoto Zoom, with 8-20mm focal length
Standard RetentionUp to 2TBUp to 2TBUp to 2TBUp to 2TB
Standard StorageUp to 365 DaysUp to 365 DaysUp to 90 DaysUp to 90 Days
IR Range30m50m30m50m
RatingIK10 & IP167IK10 & IP167IK10 & IP167IK10 & IP167
The Verkada Mini Series
Verkada Mini restaurant security system

The Verkada Mini Series offers both flexibility and enhanced resolution for clear footage. The Mini Camera is a compact size that can fit any space, anywhere indoors. There are three versions in the Mini Series: CM41-S, CM41, and CM41-E.

Image Resolution5MP5MP5MP
Type of LensFixed, with up to 3x Digital ZoomFixed, with up to 3x Digital ZoomFixed, with up to 3x Digital Zoom
Standard RetentionUp to 90 daysUp to 365 DaysUp to 365 Days
Standard StorageUp to 385GBUp to 2TBUp to 2TB
IR RangeN/A15m15m
RatingN/AIK08IK10 & IP67
The Verkada Fisheye Camera
Verkada Fisheye camera for restaurant security system

The Verkada Fisheye Camera provides a panoramic view of the entire property – both indoor and outdoor. This camera allows for total surveillance coverage.

Fisheye CF81-E
Type Indoor and/or Outdoor
Image Resolution12MP
Type of LensFixed, with 3x Digital Zoom
Standard RetentionMaximum of 90 Days of Standard Quality Retention
Standard StorageUp to 2TB of Onboard Storage
IR Range20M
Angle of View180°
RatingIK10 and IP67 
NDAA CompliantYes
Analytics Ambarella Chipset for People and Vehicle Analytics
Viewing ModesPanoramic; Four–Way Split; Pan-Tilt–Zoom

The Verkada Fisheye Camera (CF81-E) is an ideal camera for restaurant security systems. With the option to switch between circle, ePTZ, 2-view, 3-view, or 4-view modes on the CF81-E, you can do away with the need for multiple camera installations. You can also take advantage of features like digital pan-tilt-zoom to increase coverage and lessen blind spots.

Three different view modes are supported by the CF81-E. You can customize the view mode to meet the requirements of the install location.

  • 180° Panoramic: A wide-angle view that is ideal for an open area or a corridor.
  • Four-way split: Use a single camera to watch four distinct fields of view.
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (ePTZ): Provides a panoramic, all-encompassing view of your environment.

Restaurant Security System: Access Control

Verkada Access Control Family to restrict access to expensive equipment or stock

Security systems for restaurants should also include access control. An access control system is a security measure that regulates who has access to certain premises. There are many different types of access control systems, but they all have one common goal: to keep unauthorized people out while allowing authorized people in. Additionally, access control allows staff to move around quickly with keycards to maximize efficiency.

There are numerous approaches to controlling access to a building, and Monarch can assist you in determining which approaches to use for your security system.

Verkada’s AC41 Door Controller

Door Controller for emergency building perimeter lockdown

With Verkada’s AC41 Door Controller, clients may bring plug-and-play ease to managing doors and access throughout their restaurant. In other words, as soon as you install the AC41 Door Controller, it is ready to use within minutes! Our Access Controller can easily integrate with any existing door hardware and readers in your facility.

With our Command platform, you can easily manage your doors once they are connected to the network (e.g., create lock schedules for doors). On the Command platform, you can effortlessly manage building access, scheduling, and users. You also save time adding users on the platform since employees are seamlessly configured, onboarded, and offboarded. This is because of the integration with active directory platforms.

Additionally, you can easily connect your Access Controller with your cameras using Verkada Command to provide real-time video analytics on access-related events. Thus, you are able to not only view what is happening at the buildings’ points of entry, but also take proactive action for any significant occurrences. The door controller, then, is an essential of security systems for restaurants.

Verkada’s AD32 Door Reader

Card Reader keeps intruders and criminals out for perimeter security

The AD32 Door Reader allows individuals to enter doors if they have the appropriate credentials on their cards or mobile phone. This door reader supports low and high frequency card formats as well as mobile devices that have the Verkada Pass app. Furthermore, the AD32 Door Reader comes in two different options: the Mullion Mount Plate and the Single Gang Mount Plate. Both options allow for customized installs.

The Single Gang Mount Plate is a common card reader format that can replace existing reader mounts or be used on traditional installations. The thinner Mullion form factor has a sleek design and can be used in smaller spaces such as door frames.

The Uses of Access Control for Restaurant Security Systems
Verkada security devices deter theft and other threats for perimeter security

You can feel secure knowing that your interests are safeguarded with any Verkada device. Consider the following benefits of implementing access control as part of your restaurant security system:

Insight on Building Access Activity
  • Our access control system handles visitor credentials and ensures that visitors like maintenance workers only have access to specific areas.
  • Track where and when individuals enter and exit certain areas. 
Intrusion Detection
  • Deter deter potential crime with safety door locks after business hours. 
  • Identify intrusions when they do occur. With Verkada’s devices, you can filter for door events like tailgating, holding the door open, forcing the door open, and people of interest.
Asset Protection
  • Prevent some employees and visitors from entering restricted areas with door lock systems that require authorized credentials.
  • Protect your company’s critical equipment, information, and assets with controlled access door locks. With these door locks, only authorized individuals will have access to these areas.
Managing Access Credentials
Manage credentials for perimeter security

So, how does Verkada’s access control of security systems for restaurants work? You can manage access control on the Verkada Command platform which is where you can monitor all of your devices. There are many different features that you may use to secure access control.

First, you can specify the user groups or access levels on Verkada Command. Then, you can design badge templates for each user group or access level. Next, you can print the badges and issue credentials either in bulk or individually. Finally, you can maintain users and permissions up to date in real time.

What else can be done on Verkada Command to manage building access control? Consider the following features:

  • Synchronize Profiles: Synchronize users from SSO systems such as Okta and Azure Active Directory, and natively capture access levels and groups.
  • (De)Provisioning with a Single Click: With a single click, employees can be issued bluetooth credentials or a physical ID card.
  • Log of Badge Events: On Verkada Command, access a log of badge events to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to secure areas.
  • Unlock Doors from Anywhere, Anytime: Users can remotely unlock authorized doors using either the Verkada Pass and Command Mobile apps
  • One-Tap Instant Lockdown: Create custom Lockdown scenarios that can be activated with a single tap to immediately secure buildings in the event of an emergency.

Restaurant Security System: The SV11 Environmental Sensor

SV11 Environmental Sensor - part of perimeter security solutions

The Verkada SV11 all-in-one environmental sensor can monitor the health and safety of buildings. The SV11 environmental sensor monitors 8 different aspects of the environment: the total volatile organic compounds (TVOCS), the air quality index (AQI), particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5), the temperature and relative humidity, noise levels, vaping, and motion. Overall, the automated situational awareness provided by the SV11 is key for a security system for restaurants.

You can purchase the SV11 Environmental Sensor here.

Design and Features of the SV11
SV11 Environmental Sensor detects harmful chemicals in air - security solutions

The SV11 is unique in not only its ability to monitor the overall environment, but also in its design and features, making it the perfect addition to a restaurant security system. Its outer layer is a photochemically stainless steel etch and it is followed by several different sensors that measure and report data. Verkada’s SV11 works by using the onboard sensors to detect changes in the breakdown of chemicals in the air.

Furthermore, the SV11 has many different features that make it one of the most appealing environmental sensors. Consider the following unique attributes:

  • Command Platform: Access all sensor data from the Command platform and view it against a timeline to get a full picture of when these events occurred. Compare environmental between any number of sensors or locations.
  • Customize Your Dashboard: Determine which exact sensor data you’d like monitored and displayed on your dashboard
  • Integration with other Verkada Devices: The SV11 Environmental Sensor is natively integrated with all other Verkada devices.
  • Link Sensor-Based Data to Video: Link any sensor with a Verkada camera, correlating video with sensor-based data. 
  • Custom Threshold: Configure custom alert thresholds to receive real-time notifications via SMS and email.
  • Alert Settings: Customize alerts for your team to cut down on unnecessary notifications during the weekend and after work. Our platform allows each user to set what hours and days of the week that they’d like to receive alerts for sensor-based anomalies.
Explore The SV11

The Benefits of The SV11 Environmental Sensor
SV11 Environmental Sensor to secure perimeter

Consider the following advantages of having the SV11 sensor as part of your restaurant security system:

Detect Dangerous Environmental Conditions
  • Deter harmful behaviors like vaping
  • Monitor changes in temperature or humidity to reduce the loss of records or products
  • Measure the air quality to ensure healthy air quality for employees and for product control
  • Measure VOC emissions to prevent adverse health effects
Remain Safe and Secure 
  • Monitor the environment to ensure measurements are in line with state laws and compliances.
  • Monitor noise levels that may indicate yelling is happening. This can help different institutions monitor for violence, conflicts, or other issues.
  • Monitor the temperature to protect expensive equipment and products.
Maintain Privacy 
  • Monitor noise levels without recording audio. This ensures privacy is not compromised

Monarch: Your Go-To Experts for Security Systems for Restaurants

In sum, having a restaurant security system in place is an important step in ensuring the safety and security of your customers and employees. There are many different types of security systems available, and the best one for your needs will depend on your specific circumstances. By carefully considering your options and consulting with a security expert, you can choose a system that meets your needs and provides the level of protection you require. Monarch is here to help you to select an appropriate security system for your needs.

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