Simplify security ownership with cutting-edge video camera systems.

Modernizing your business operations and connecting you to the cloud.

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Assign building admittance and initiate instant lockdowns in case of emergency with advanced access control

Modernizing your business operations and connecting you to the cloud.

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Improve driver safety and lower fleet costs with intelligent dash cameras and powerful GPS tracking

Modernizing your business operations and connecting you to the cloud.

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Shop the latest range of Verkada cameras and hardware.

Monarch provides a range of cloud-based Verkada security cameras and accessories that work together seamlessly to deliver an advanced, AI-driven security environment. Read on for comprehensive product comparisons and pricing guides.

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Connecting Operations with Intelligent Security

Monitor Operations in real-time with Samsara Connected Sites

Samsara Connected Sites integrates with existing security cameras to deliver enhanced monitoring and added AI analytics on an easy-to-manage platform. Plug the Site Gateway into your network PoE switch, detect and add existing IP camera streams into your dashboard, and use these streams to share easily, create custom views, and gain on-the-go visibility from any device.

  • Immediately respond to unusual activity and reduce time spend investigating
  • Leverage intelligent detection and powerful search to identify workplace hazards
  • Identify process or operational inefficiencies with AI insights and proactive alerts

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Verkada Offerings

Verkada security products are optimized by AI technology and work together seamlessly, so all aspects of the organization can be monitored and managed from one, easy-to-use platform. Verkada security products operate completely in the cloud; no VPN connected necessary, no need to be onsite to manage or access feeds. Paired with advanced machine learning and customizable automated alerts, Verkada security products form a reliable and easy-to-manage wall of defense for the entire organization.

Featured Products:

  • AI-Designed IP Security Cameras
  • Access Control
  • Environmental Sensors

Samsara Offerings

Ideal for the transportation industry and organizations with existing security camera infrastructure, Samsara solutions cover a wide range of security needs. AI-designed dash cameras and vehicle tracking gateways allow for constant monitoring of fleets, improving driver safety and lowering costs associated with accidents and breakdowns on the road. For industrial facilities, the revolutionary site gateway instantly connects existing camera infrastructure to the cloud and adds a layer of AI technology, transforming security capabilities and allowing for easy monitoring from any device.

Featured Products:

  • AI-Designed Dash Cameras
  • Vehicle Tracking Gateway
  • Site Gateway
  • Asset Monitoring
  • ELD Compliance Solution

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AI powered, cloud-based security cameras are easily scalable and virtually effortless to use. No VPN connection needed, with completely remote management. Set custom alerts to receive notifications of meaningful events, and use intelligent search features to find footage and share links of feeds instantly via SMS or email.

Control building access for specific individuals, maintain reliable entry logs, and in case of an emergency, initiate full-facility lockdowns instantly from any mobile device or browser.

Monitor air quality inside the building in real time, and set custom AQI thresholds to receive proactive alerts when abnormalities occur.

Intelligent dash cameras for fleets work seamlessly with cutting-edge GPS tracking technology to improve driver safety and save costs on transportation.

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