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Verkada Indoor Dome Series

The Verkada Indoor Dome Camera is a perfect general-purpose security camera, designed to withstand high-traffic areas in an indoor setting.

Verkada Outdoor Dome Series

The Verkada Outdoor Dome Camera is weather and tamper resistant, with top of the line capabilities that function well in areas with limited bandwidth and connectivity.

Verkada Bullet Series

Available in two lens types, wide angle and telephoto, the Verkada Bullet camera is ideal for long range, outdoor surveillance and is built to withstand the toughest environments.

Verkada Mini Series

Designed for flexibility without compromising image quality, the Verkada Mini Camera offers enhanced resolution and a smaller form factor that fits in any space.

Verkada Fisheye Camera

The Verkada Fisheye Camera provides a panoramic view of indoor and outdoor environments, allowing for total surveillance coverage of the entire property.

Do you already have existing camera infrastructure, but are interested in AI capabilities and advanced remote viewing?

Explore Samsara Connected Sites – our recommended solution for existing, 3rd party security systems

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HD Picture Quality


Easy Access to Videos On the Go

  • Access archived or live feed videos on any device or browser

  • Receive instant alerts in any meaningful event

  • Share live feed links via SMS; send to first responders in case of an emergency for dramatically reduced response time

  • Solid-state storage (SSD) – no DVRs or NVRs

  • AI-designed capabilities allow for face, clothing, and vehicle filters and search

Super Easy Plug-and-Play Install

Easily View Each Camera Feed in Real-Time

Watch Camera Live Streams Anywhere, Any Time


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