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Based in San Francisco, CA, Monarch is a rapidly growing reseller of cloud-based business solutions and GPS technology designed with AI capabilities. We are focused on serving the transportation industry and any other sector with a need for reliable, easy to use security services. Monarch provides dash cameras, security cameras, GPS tracking, access control, asset monitoring, and more, all made with advanced AI and cloud-based technology, giving our business an extremely competitive edge.

Our products are competitively priced, innovative, and efficient to use. We strive to fall in line seamlessly with changing trends in technology and security, and to provide products with a “wow factor” that exceed our customers’ ever-evolving needs. With our dedicated and responsive support team, our superior products, and our focus on progressive innovation, Monarch is poised to change the game of cloud-based business solutions.

Meet the Team

Chase Gonzales


Rebekah Sims

Finance Administrator

Erika Beasley

Office Assistant

Kerry Hilligus

Director of Sales, Samsara

Jen Lesperance

Senior Account Executive, Team Lead

Edina Bohanec

Account Executive

Jamie Taylor

- Industrial Account Executive -

Anthony D'Ambrosio

Account Executive

Rob Oryl

Account Executive

Brittany Morales

Data Entry Specialist

Teo Kyrazis

Account Executive

Mike Speights

Account Executive

Courtney Durler

Marketing Manager

Tyler Miller

Director of Sales, Verkada

Jordan Solomon

Account Executive

Raul Lumbi

Account Development Representative

James Crumbley

Account Executive

Andrew Richardson

Account Executive

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