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Cigarette Smoke Detector

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Everyday the dangers of smoking continue to be revealed. More and more people are looking for ways to protect their organization and its people from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke.

Cigarette smoke is both a nuisance and a health hazard. Many organizations across different industries are beginning to install a cigarette smoke detector. A cigarette smoke detector is designed to detect the presence of tobacco smoke and alert pre-selected individuals. It is also meant to detect smoke from vaporizers. Vapes or e-cigs are battery-operated gadgets that turn liquids into an inhalable vapor, such as nicotine, CBD, or THC.

Before purchasing a cigarette smoke detector, though, individuals may wonder if it’s worth it. Continue reading to fully understand the benefits of using a cigarette smoke detector in your organization.

Why Use A Cigarette Smoke Detector

fire alarm complements a cig smoke detector

Cigarette smoke is one of the most common and pervasive types of indoor air pollutants. And it can have serious health consequences. Thus, indoor smoking restrictions are now the norm in the majority of organizations and facilities in the United States. As such, detection is a critical component of safeguarding health and safety. However, given the increasing use of vaping, normal smoke detectors are not sufficient for detection of all the harmful smoke present in the air. This is because vaporization is significantly less distinct than smoking tobacco or marijuana leaf.

That’s why Verkada is offering a new type of cigarette smoke detector. One that is designed to detect cigarette smoke, marijuana, vapor emissions, particulate matter and other dangerous emissions. Verkada’s SV11 Environmental Sensor is helpful in protecting students or employees and customers from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

The Uses of a Cigarette Smoke Detector

Hotel rooms can have a smoke detector

While smoke detection hasn’t changed all that much in recent years, the world of vaping is fast evolving. This is due to the recent spike in demand, which has resulted in the proliferation of products and technologies. Thus, cigarette smoke detectors, such as Verkada’s SV11, are a crucial tool for ensuring safety and compliance in buildings, enterprises, and institutions where smoke detection is a priority. Consider the following benefits of utilizing a cigarette smoker detector:

  • Commercial Buildings: Environmental sensors enable facility administrators to monitor compliance with no-smoking restrictions from a central location. As part of their larger job of keeping an eye on security, administrators can find, deal with, and document smoking and vaping violations.
  • Hotels/Inns: Environmental sensors in individual hotel rooms enable hotel managers to detect smoke and vapor without invading guest privacy. This can help make sure that the cleaning and disinfecting fees are paid and limit the revenue lost due to cleaning and disinfecting services.
  • Hospitals: Environmental sensors in more sensitive locations, such as hospital units, can convey alerts to facility managers, allowing them to immediately resolve the issue and reduce exposure for patients and employees.
  • Schools and colleges: Smoke and vape sensors can be quite helpful in preventing underage vaping in locations like classrooms, locker rooms, and bathrooms. This can relieve administrators from their responsibility of being on constant vigilance for signs of vaping.
  • All Settings: The presence of a cigarette smoke detector deters vaping.

Key Features of Vape and Cigarette Smoke Detectors

Hospital rooms can have cigarette smoke detectors

When selecting environmental sensors for your own organizations’ facilities, look for the following qualities to enhance detection and monitoring capabilities while minimizing ownership costs:

  • Multiple Built-In Sensors: Look for devices that have multiple sensors onboard as this is the most cost-effective option. The most advanced environmental sensors are capable of detecting smoke, vapor, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) all in one piece of hardware. They are often referred to as “smart sensors.”
  • Cloud-Based Platform Integration: Detection is only the first step. You must also consider how you’ll manage, monitor, and respond to smoking/vaping incidents. To make this process easier on you or your security personnel, look for a sensor that can be directly integrated into your existing security architecture and remote management system.
  • Tamper-Proof: Tampering is a regular challenge for building, facility, and security workers. Look for sensors that detect tampering and deliver discreet alerts to the appropriate incident response team. This prevents replacement costs and other costs associated with unit loss.
  • Notifications and User Preferences: Look for sensors that can be maintained and configured remotely rather than those that require time-consuming, on-device configuration for notifications and alerts. User settings should be fully adjustable, including the ability to remotely manage the groups and users responsible for receiving and responding to alerts issued via the mobile app, SMS, email, and other methods.
  • Standards For Privacy: Because smoke and vape sensors are frequently installed in toilets, break rooms, and other private or semi-private places, each device should be built to respect and maintain privacy. That essentially implies no audio or video recording in sensitive areas.

The SV11 Environmental Sensors has all of the above qualities and more. Read more about Verkada’s cigarette smoke detector, the SV11 Environmental Sensor, below.

The SV11 Environmental Sensor

SV11 Environmental Sensor by Verkada for security

The SV11 environmental sensor is exceptional in that it monitors total volatile organic compounds (TVOCS), the air quality index (AQI), particle matter 2.5 (PM 2.5), temperature and relative humidity, noise levels, and mobility in addition to detecting vape and smoking. Essentially, the SV11 environmental sensor enables people to obtain a better understanding of their surroundings. The SV11 is an all-purpose environmental sensor, not just a cigarette smoke detector. Overall, the SV11’s automated situational awareness is critical in enhancing safety and security in indoor public settings.

Explore The SV11
Design and Features

The SV11 is one-of-a-kind not just in terms of its ability to monitor a building’s environment, but also in terms of its design and functions. Its outer layer is a photochemically etched stainless steel etch and it is followed by a variety of sensors that measure and report data. Verkada’s SV11 detects changes in the breakdown of chemicals in the air using onboard sensors. These sensor measurements are used to create a Vape Index, which ranks the chance of vaping/smoking on a scale of 1-100.

Furthermore, the SV11 boasts a plethora of features that make it one of the most popular vape detectors to a broad range of industries. Consider the following distinguishing features:

  • One Cloud-Based Software Platform: Individuals can access all sensor data from the Command platform and compare it to a timeline to get a complete picture of when these occurrences occurred. Individuals can also connect any sensor to a Verkada camera, correlating video with sensor-based data. Overall, this offers a layer of visual evidence to help people grasp what happened.
  • Customizable Thresholds: Individuals can set custom alert thresholds to receive real-time messages via SMS and email.
  • Sensor-Based Alerts: When an anomaly is discovered, an alarm can be issued through SMS or email to pre-selected individuals and security. This allows teams to respond swiftly.
  • Alert Configuration: Teams that work on varied schedules should utilize custom alerts to reduce needless messages over the weekend and after work. Verkada’s technology allows each user to specify the hours and days of the week that they’d like to receive alerts.

The Benefits of a Cigarette Smoke Detector: The SV11 Sensor

Many industries may benefit from having a cigarette smoke detector like the VP11 environmental sensor. Consider the following advantages of cigarette smoke detectors in different industries:

  • Identify and manage sensor-based events
  • Deter harmful behaviors like vaping
  • Monitor the environment while being in line with state laws and compliances.
  • Monitor noise levels that may signal yelling is happening. This can help different institutions monitor for violence, conflicts, or other issues.
  • Monitor changes in temperature or humidity to reduce the loss of records or products
  • Measure the air quality to (1) ensure healthy air quality for employees and students and (2) product control
  • Measure VOC emissions to prevent adverse health effects (e.g., in manufacturing plants where plants and varnishes may compromise the health of employees)
  • Monitor the temperature to protect expensive equipment and crucial information located in the server rooms. If the server room’s temperature is too hot or cold, it can lead to downtime, loss of services, data corruption, and even destroyed hardware.
  • Monitor noise levels without recording audio. Thus, privacy remains uncompromised.

Using the SV11 Environmental Sensor

If you wish to have an all-in-one environmental sensor and not just a vape detector, consider Verkada’s SV11 environmental sensor. For the best results, place the SV11 about 8 feet from the ground. Moreover, enable the Vape Index only in areas where vaping often occurs (e.g., bathrooms, hotel rooms). Otherwise, you may receive a false positive in areas where smoke is common (e.g., kitchens, manufacturing floors).

The Future of Cigarette Smoke Detectors: Verkada’s SV11 All-in-One Sensor

Consider buying an all-in-one environmental reader like Verkada’s SV11 sensor. The SV11 is more than just a cigarette smoke detector. Thus, The Verkada SV11 is sure to help you keep your organization and its people safe and secure.


Updated: Jan 6

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